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Originally Posted by ATX_McKee View Post
Is there any noticeable change in handling having different size tires on the front and back? That's interesting I'd never heard of that before.
Actually, steering and handling is better with a narrower tire up front than in back. There is more weight over the rear wheel than the front, so if you use the same size tires front and rear, you need much higher pressure in the rear than the front. If your rear pressure is too low, you risk a pinch flat. If your front pressure is too high, your ride will be harsh. Also, the rear tire will wear out much quicker than the front if they are the same size. Many of my bikes are set up with a wider tire in the rear than the front. However, the difference is only one size, such as 23/25, 28/32 and 32/35. Most motorcycles are set up this way with a wider tire in the rear than in the front.
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