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I'm New and Need Help Finding a Bike

Me and my brother picked up some 'Next' bikes at Wal-Mart, but as you can predict they were pieces of crap so we took them back. Then we went to Academy Sports and picked up some better bikes. But I have a problem, I wasn't paying attention and picked up some cruiser bike, and I was wanting a TRAIL BIKE. My cousin and brother picked up a nice Huffy Trail Bike.

But now we're taking them back. We rode them on a bike trail near our area. My bike isn't for trail rides and I was sliding everywhere (no grip on the tires), and my cousin's Huffy bike sprockets were coming loose, and my brother just wants a better one.

So when we go up town again, what would you suggest? I don't want to spend over $120, but I know the better bikes are a lot more money. I was thinking about getting this:

Is that a good bike? If not, they got one at Dicks that my brother is getting, a "Men's Response XE" and it is a "Diamondback Bicycle" for $270, originally it was $549.99 though (50% off). I might get it if my brother gets it.

What would you suggest? Pacific good enough, or no? Better to get the Diamondback? Or better to get something else entirely? I am new to trail biking, and this is the first 3 days we've ridden a bike since we were about 14 (I am 19 now).
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