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Originally Posted by 71schwinn View Post
what i need your fellow member advice in is, if i should restore it and spend money and time on it or save the time and just go for a new 250-300$ bike? by the way that's my budget if i decide to restore it. also i wish to make the bike a bit lighter any suggestion's?
Take some kind advice, dont tear it down and paint it if its in relatively good condition like you say it is. Just clean it up and do some maintenance on it so it will ride good and be safe. That $250-300 will be a whole lot better spent on a good 80's japanese bike with a cro-moly frame and Shimano components. Those bikes will be half the weight that Varsity is, and with better components. The drop-out spacing will be wider too, usually around 126mm, which means with a good steel cro-moly frame you can spread just 4mm to accept a modern 130mm drivetain, like 8-10 speed.

I started with a mid 80's Fuji road bike I bought at a yard sale for $35. It weighed 28 lbs with a lower level cro-moly frame and it was a good bike. I put 1600 miles on that bike in six months until I bought a really high end bike.
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