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Yep I don't care if you wear hand-woven Birkenstocks, technology is your friend when it comes to teeth. Brush and floss etc and use all those high tech gadgets while you can, after we're well down the downslope of Peak Oil a combination of brushing by hand REALLY well and a less processed diet will have to do.

I had a root canal done that had abscessed, the operation itself was a joy, no pain just some grinding, tugging, the usual dentist stuff. I had to call a friend to pick me up and my bike, and we stopped at the store on the way for some of my friend's brother the alcoholic's favorite brand. The pain woke me up in the night and gargling with brandy works great as long as you remember to swallow. If I were to do it again I've have called a cab right away and had a hip flask with me.

Thus started a determined overhaul of my mouth, and I swore off the sugared coffeee, etc. No sodas, sugar is such a fundamental food group in the US it's hard to avoid, but I try to be pretty sugar-conscious.
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