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Happy Fourth....

....To my fellow Americans!

I hate riding my bike this one night of the year because I have an irrational fear of having a firework thrown or shot at me. The citizens here are obsessed with fireworks to an amazing degree. Even tonight, the Eve of the holiday, the air is hazy with gunpowder smoke. Oh well, less than a hundred miles away in Detroit, they are also firing guns into the air to celebrate. Probably at least one unlucky dog or human will be hit by a bullet falling back to earth. That's how they rock-n-roll in the D.

My family is going out of town to a big outdoor party. I will be left home alone because I have to work at 3:00. I will get a ride home from work at 11:30 because of the aforementioned firework phobia.

How about you all? How will you be observing our Independence Day?

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