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We rode our bikes over to the local fireworks last night. They take place at a park with a lagoon in it, and the major street next to the park was closed so we could watch from there. Bikes were definitely the way to travel! The streets leading up to the park were choked with cars that were not moving, but we could filter around them. In some places the gap between cars and curb was so narrow I had to get off the bike and put it up on the curb for a bit. (The curb is separated from the actual sidewalk by a strip of lawn.) The sidewalks were equally choked with pedestrians, though at least they were moving.

Going to the show, traffic was no problem, but coming out of it, cars were moving a lot faster, and there were a lot of close passes at speed, especially on and near the bridge over the freeway. And of course some guy had to yell at me for taking the lane in a stretch of road where it's basically impossible to do otherwise. Poor thing had to go slow for a whole two blocks!
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