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I grew up in California where personal fireworks were mostly illegal and frowned upon where legal. I was shocked to see the missiles that folks in Oregon shoot up, especially considering the incomes of who is doing it. Add in the obscene amount of alcohol consumed (I think CH3-CH2OH is the official chemical of Oregon), and it is a disaster.

The fourth of July is one of the few days of the year when I don't ride. My wife and I did a wonderful twenty mile stroll from the river to the ridgeline trail and back in lieu of riding. As we were arriving at the trailhead for the ridgeline trail, a mere three miles from our house, we were almost run over by our neighbor who had just pulled out of the parking lot while yakking on his phone. It struck us as sad that he would drive six miles round-trip to walk a comparable distance. Worse yet, he has two young children who are learning this behavior.
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