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Originally Posted by KittiPaws View Post
Well, it's happened. I've been riding a bike for several months now after decades away from it, and finally had an encounter with a rude motorist. I was coming back from the store on a fairly busy double-lane road on which there is no shoulder. There IS a sidewalk, and according to the ordinances of our town, cyclists are allowed on the sidewalk so long as they follow certain rules, such as a bell to alert pedestrians. However, after a surprise encounter with an overgrown bush a few weeks ago, I prefer to stay on the road.

Anyway, it was rush hour and someone was apparently miffed about having to move into the next lane for me, because a young lady yelled out the passenger window of a passing SUV, "There are sidewalks for a reason!"

My response was just to smile. Partially because I was relieved that the remark was grumping about my presence rather than insulting me about my weight, and partially because I knew I had every right to be on the road.

So now I feel as if I've been "broken in" as a cyclist - someone's yelled at me out their car window!

As an update, I'm doing so much better than I was a couple of months ago, when I got winded riding to the next apartment building in my complex. Now I make regular rides to stores that are 1 and 2 miles away, and I can go all the way without stopping to rest or walk the bike. According to my cyclometer, I've racked up 46 miles on the bike. I love cycling!! There's nothing as exhilarating as starting out on my early Saturday morning grocery ride at 5:30AM, coasting down the slight hill from my apartment building, when the traffic is quiet and the world is just beginning to come to life.

Unfortunately, I've not lost much weight. However, I haven't done much to improve my diet. That will need to come next.
Awesome news on the new-found endurance and your sheer joy of riding! Keep up the good work!
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