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MKS probably makes the best pedals at the moment. Either the Custom Nuevo Keirin or the RX-1 Track.

Toe clips are simple. You want chrome steel. Aluminum breaks and plastic is garbage. The old Campagnolo steel clips are still the best I've ever seen. Decent copies are available from MKS, Cinelli, Pake, and others.

There are a lot of really bad toe straps out there, including nearly all the doubles. Avoid anything made out of plastic or nylon, and look for straps with a nonstretch laminate in between layers of leather. Binda Extras used to be the gold standard and are still excellent, but difficult to find and usually commanding collector's prices. The MKS Fit Alpha Sport are very good (not the regular Fit Alpha, only the Sport), and Cinellis can also sometimes be found for a relatively low price. Toshis work too. The best strap I have encountered is the Kashimax Five Gold.
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