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I think the advantages of a "real" touring bike are going to be somewhat lost on the OP. He stated that he has no need to carry gear with him as there will be a support vehicle. To me, a touring bike gives you the ability to carry stuff. I'd think "comfort" road bikes are the way to go (as opposed to a full-race bike). I have never ridden a recumbent as I've never had comfort issues on a traditional road bike.

You can get just about whatever gears you want on just about any type of bike. At some point though, you're going to be dealing with long mountain passes and headwinds, so getting a bail-out gear is going to be necessary. Triples provide the ultimate bail-out gears, but they are getting hard-to-find on road bikes as compact cranks have made in-roads.

Blacksburg, Virginia is covered in mountainous roads. If you can find a gearing combo that works there, you're good anywhere.

Wheels... I'd look into getting a set of easily fixed no-funky-parts set of wheels. Something like Ultegra hubs laced to Open Pro rims. If something goes wrong (broken spoke, etc) than any shop in the country will have what it takes to fix those.
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