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Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
Most bike components using "sealed" or "cartridge" bearings use standard commercial bearings with single lip seals. These seals are intended for indoor use such as on electric motors and not, despite the marketing, weather sealed.

A proper weather seal requires a double lip seal with a gap between the seals so water cannot migrate in. Read more about seals here.

Odds are that after some use in weather water got into the bearing, and washed out or compromised the grease. If you open them odds are up you'll find brownish grease or stains, and it isn't food coloring.

Depending on the specific design and your skill level, some of these can be serviced, and others not.
Thanks for a thoughtful response. I'm disappointed expensive bike pedals (obviously an outdoor-use device) would be subject to water damage after one 5 mile exposure to the rain (though it was a gully washer with deep puddles). After contacting XPEDO's customer service for relief (which isn't likely to be provided), I'll just use the pedal until it binds. THEN, I'll take it apart to see how these puppies are constructed.
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