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Ah, what a week!

I rode to work 4 days this week, which for me is normal. All week, the morning temperatures were in the upper 60's to lower 70's. In the evenings, nudging 100 every night. This is the highest temperatures I have riden in so far (yes, it will get hotter!) and it really went okay. I pushed water all day long at work, knowing it was going to be hot in the evenings, and I carried 2 bottles of water with me. The winds were out of the south all week, which means a cross wind for me. It would shift a little from time to time, sometimes helping, sometimes not, but I was usually able to keep my speed up over 16.
So far, this might sound like a boring week, but it was anything but! I felt so empowered all week, fueled by my wonderful commutes! When I finally would ride into town, as I rode down the main street to the Post Office, I felt like the King of the World! None of those folks in their cars would have the feelings that I was experiencing!
And now, thanks to 'Coach BaDgEr', I have added something new to the commute; intervals! After you have gotten your legs warmed up, ride as hard as you can for a minute, then spin easily for a minute, then all out for two minutes, then spin for two minutes, and so on, up to five minutes. A cool way to help build stamina and strength. I will admit that when I got to the 3 minute part, I couldn't go any further, but it will improve!
Oh yes, one other great part of the week, when I parked my trusty Roubaix on the front porch tonight, the odometer was showing 620 miles! Not bad for only having the bike for 5 weeks!! And, who knows what the next 5 weeks will bring!!!
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