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Bridgestone 400 Bottom Bracket

After searching and Sheldon Brown's website I have concluded that my Bridgestone 400 has a cup-and-cone bottom bracket with an English threading (1.375" x 24 tpi), shell width 68 mm. I do not know the exact make of the bottom bracket that was originally installed in my 400. The etchings read "Bo 3S" and "MTBS409." I believe the "Bo 3S" to be a size code. According to Sheldon Brown the "'3' series spindles normally fit 68 mm ISO/British/French bottom brackets" ( Therefore I have two questions:

What cup-and-cone brand is this pictured? Sugino 75? I cannot tell if it is J.I.S. or I.S.O tapers.

Is this the proper bottom bracket for my bike? I will learn the exact spindle length tomorrow.

Thank you.
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