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Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
Proper BB axle length is a result. The right chain stay clearance, good chainline agreement with the rear cogs, acceptible "Q' factor. When changing BB units some fudge and find out is the usual manor. Don't expect exact numbers. Andy.
I am keeping the original crank and pedals, so the Q factor (which is a bit out of my league) should not be noticeably affected. Also I switched from a double to a single (no front derailleur) so I have experienced a slight variation with chainstay clearance and chainline agreement. Nothing noticeable. I thought I would shave one or two millimeters off the spindle length to compensate for my change to single. Thanks for reminding me of these factors Andy.

Originally Posted by HillRider View Post
The '85 Bridgestone 400 I had came with an SR triple bottom bracket and an SR crank predrilled for a granny ring. It is certainly a JIS taper and English threaded.

What is the reason for replacing it? I really can't be sure but from the photos the spindle and cup appear to be in decent shape.
The Bottom Bracket had not been maintenanced since its manufacture, so the entire drive side was totaled when I was muscling it off. Plus I was too busy to change the bottom bracket back in the winter, there has been audible grinding for several months now which I think also damaged the BB. I plan to keep the axle though. Maybe some day I will re-use it.

Finally, since the BB is Sakae - I am S.O.L. for knowing exactly which BB to get? This is considering (taken from a different forum thread):

Originally Posted by tellyho View Post
You either search the hell out of the internet and hope you can trust the answers you get, or start buying bottom brackets and experimenting. Go to a forgiving bike shop and they might let you try a couple. I was going to point you to Sheldon's BB size database, but he doesn't have anything for Sakae.
Thanks for your help!
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