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Greasy mess

Well, I learned a lesson. Don't ever mention deferred maintenance in front of a budding young bike mechanic!!! You may get more than you wish for!

In this case i mentioned to my grandson that the drivetrain on my touring bike was way past due for a cleaning. Surprise! He called me and told me he cleaned it while i was at the office. Great!!!! Until i got home and realized that he cleaned it by flipping the bike over on its seat and bars. What was on the drive train is now a greasy emultion spread all over the bike. From the bar tape to the back of the fenders there isn't a spot you can touch without coming away slimed.

So, how do i clean this mess? Soap and water to the frame?

How do i get the emulsified grease out of the seat? Off the bar tape?

Of course I'm not happy, but the kid was trying to help. Good news is the drive train is the cleanest it's been since it was new!

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