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Pull the liners out and let the shoes and liners air out and dry independently. Replacing the liners is a good first step if they still smell bad. Fog the insides of the shoes with disinfecting deodorizer and let them air out/dry some more. From now on wear clean socks for each ride and pull the liners out and air out your shoes well ASAP after a ride. Don't stuff your sweaty shoes into a duffle bag and leave them in the trunk or on the floor until the next ride.

Stick deodorants (not antiperspirants) that have a waxy look usually have very similar ingredients to products like Glide (wax, glycerine, mineral oil, etc.) and you can swab the sole of your foot and under the toes with one (please get a separate one from the one for your armpits) before putting on your socks. It will help with the smell and also prevent hot spots and blisters. Try this with regular shoes one day to test for irritation before trying it on a long, hot ride. If you have a tile or other smooth floor, remember to put your socks on immediately after applying or things could get slippery. Some people like foot powders, which can be medicated or anti-bacterial, but I find them messy and of questionable value. Washing your feet with anti-microbial soap between rides might be a helpful.

There is a product that looks like a pair of perforated Ping-Pong balls that hold good stinking stuff. The idea is to stick one in each shoe when they are being stored. The same can be done with scented dryer sheets.

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