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I've had a couple of instances of really smelly shoes after multi-day rides in unrelenting wet/damp conditions. I mix up a solution of Oxiclean or borax in a bucket and immerse the shoes overnight (remove the insoles and immerse them too). Rinse them thoroughly the next day, allow them to dry, and they are completely free of odor. I've done this a several times with one pair of shoes with no issues. These, like the vast majority of cycling shoes, are mostly synthetic materials. What looks like leather is lorica or similar synthetic leather. They had already been ridden soaking wet for days so there was no fear that soaking them in water overnight would be an issue in itself.

I find Oxiclean to be somewhat more effective than borax. Don't use chlorine bleach. It would be effective at killing the odor, but can also degrade some of the materials.

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