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Just to chime back in here after a little vacation away from all electronic communications media: I'm glad that Sixty Fiver put in his two cents. As noted, I can't speak to the AB market, and consider the fact that your bike is possibly a 753 frame to be a wildcard. Did you pull the fork and check for a Reynolds imprint? As noted, that wouldn't confirm/disconfirm 753, but nonetheless, with no decals, something at least...

As for the serial question, I don't know and haven't seen info online that would indicate either way. I suspect not. Sixty Fiver?

Certainly, if you're not in a hurry, don't sell low (unless perhaps to a buyer who could use a break and would treat it right). As I said in my initial response, I'd consider anything under $400 a real deal, and would be not at all surprised it you could get a figure a bit higher. If you could establish that your frame is 753, or even if it's simply an exemplary frame, an in-the-know buyer might well be willing to toss up a good portion of that figure just for frame/fork. Again, as suggested not just by me, it's all about finding someone who appreciates what it is and has an eye out for such a gem.

In the spirit of the forums, perhaps you could post a few close-up pics of the lugs so we could consider Sixty Fiver's suggestion about 753 frames exhibiting especially fine lug filing, etc? My frame has very nice lugs IMHO, though the dropout treatment, I'll admit, isn't quite as pretty as some of my nicest bikes (Marinoni, Mercian).

I'd keep it too, but then I don't have a new bike to pay down...just a bunch of old ones!

p.s. Kudos on the unicycle skills! Wish I could do that...
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