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This town needs an enema.
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10 watts enough?

I had the truck shift for the first time since I started commuting. I left my house at 5am with one 3 LED light and one halogen light. I was looking forward to my first early morning ride I thought I would have enough light but I was dead wrong. Both lights cast out a little bit of "glow" but it was nothing special. I didn't realize till I took the light halogen light apart today that it was nothing more than a 2.4 watt bulb...

There several miles of my ride along the SGR and the naval base that have NO light source what so ever; I am talking about pitch freeking black. My lights were literally just bright enough to make me worry about all the stuff I know I wasn't seeing. My commute took an extra long time because I couldn't see a darn thing and didn't have time to shower once I got to work (I am sure everyone loved being around me).

I have a pretty limited budget being a student so I have cancelled out most of the lights I have seen for over $80 bucks.

Help me make my dollar and lighting go further.
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