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Originally Posted by swwhite View Post

Make some way for people to send you their clips. Ask for a date and city name to accompany each clip. A clip should long enough to grab interest, short enough not to be boring.

Collect clips and group by city (assuming you get enough).


If the videos show license numbers, all the better unless there is anything illegal about it. Theoretically, since cars have license plates and license plates identify drivers, behaving badly in a car is sort of like behaving badly on foot while wearing a name tag with your home address. I think that people forget that a car is not some sort of cloaking device that shields them from public view. Would people behaved like jerks if they realized that they were doing was on display for all their friends and neighbors to see?
This is actually what I've been thinking about. A site somewhat like youtube but with the purpose of focusing on these sort of video clips. I'm just not sure how interested cyclists would be? If you had a web site that had tools in place to track these sort of clips and ensure high quality, would you use it?

Thanks all!
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