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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
I wondered how long it would take for the camera enthusiasts to experience buyers remorse. Of course there would be disappointment when the $$$ investment in camera equipment failed to produce any measurable change in peace of mind on the road. Duh. But, no, the answer couldn't be to flog that useless equipment on Craigslist so the cash strapped snowboarders and BASE jumpers can document their exploits. No... lets collude in the madness and publish a website where we can out reckless drivers for the good of society. I was thinking yesterday while I was balanced on the white line while three grateful cagers roared past me on the left, about how a lot of you here on this forum would be wetting your shorts and screaming about being buzzed!!! I was also thinking that the alternative... to "take the lane" would also have worked. I could have held those three and any more that came up behind them, for as long as I needed to get to the next turnout. Thing is... I ride that road every day. Twice a day. A good many of those cars that pass are repeat customers. I don't know which ones, but I have to assume lots. LOTS! So... do I make a reputation for myself as a road hog (although legally empowered to do so) or do I make a reputation for myself as a stand up guy who lets other guys with cars get on with their day. Easy choice for me, others... not so much.

You could always use the camera to document your prowess at passing other bike riders. Or to document your daily commute in case it is not fully engrained in your mind, given that you ride it every day. You can watch it over and over, or post it here so others can see what a fascinating commute you have.
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