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Originally Posted by CanadianBiker32 View Post
How many of you out there ride with a Cadence sensor on your mt bike and for riding the trails. I have an extra Garmin Cadence sensor and i am thinking of putting it on my mt bike, just wondering what experiences anyone has had with a cadence sensor mt biking and if rocks or anything torn it off?
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Don't do it. Mountain bikers tend to spin naturally on the trail due to the nature of riding single track. This is why mountain bikes utilized more gears in the past, and have lower gear ratios with the doubles. Roadies spend allot of cash on gimicky technology like q rings and do lame training techniques like 'isolated leg training' trying to 'smooth out the pedal stroke'. This is something that comes naturally to us. You can try it yourself next time you are out there- try to make a climb in too hard of a gear and see what happens.
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