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Originally Posted by scarry
The min resolution is +/- 10 feet on the HAC4. The absolute elevation changes with the weather, (barametric), so if you want accurate absolute readings you need to calabrate it to some known point of referance, like your home. I've seen it change several hundred feet in a day with severe weather changes.
Just to make sure I understand, by minimum resolution, do you mean the BEST it can do is be within 10 feet?

I know weather can affect things but probably for the most part, it wouldn't make much difference on my rides, as long as I set it before I start. Like I said, most of my hills are short so there isn't much time for change.

However, that one 5 mile climb takes almost an hour and since it is moving into the mountains, where most of the rain gets dumped here, that one may be affected.
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