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In car-clogged communities around Texas, a biking movement is gaining speed. Midsize and large cities are expanding bike trails and putting roads on “lane diets” to accommodate bike lanes.

"About two to three miles is the sweet spot where it really can be more efficient and faster to take a bike..."

Advocates say the goal is to see bicycle use become more common around the state, even if, in most cases, bikes only supplement a transportation routine that still relies more on automobiles.

“We’re not trying to take away cars,” Ms. Murphy said. “That’s the fine line you walk. Our media campaign is ‘There’s enough road to go around.’ ”
Road diets, encouraging bicycle use... Not really trying to take away cars, but suggesting that there is a sweet spot where the use of a bicycle is more efficient...

OMG these folks better watch out, they might just get accused of being "anti-motoring... "
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