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I don't care much for programs that sell short-trip cycling as a cure for obesity. Sure, it's better to ride a bike a couple of miles than to sit on a motorized couch, but not by much. This sort of oversell seems likely to lead to disappointment and even a bit of backlash as the folks selling the virtues of bicycles lose credibility.

I briefly lived in TX a couple of decades ago. I went in with an open mind and was even seriously looking for a house to purchase. After a very short time, I was so repulsed by the racism and obesity that I decided I would not raise my child in that environment. I'm not exactly small (6'2", 190#), but I dwarfed by the mounds of adipose waddling up and down the grocery aisles. If anyplace has hit rock bottom in terms of diabesity, it must be TX. With only one direction to go, I hope there is some success at thinning the populace.
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