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Thanks. Oregon Ducks.

I'd be surprised if the geometries between the two matched up, really. I probably misspoke there. I just mean, they definitely look.... kindred.

I keep hearing how nice the Roubaix rides, and I'm thinking there's GOT to be people out there who did the Sequoia > Roubaix upgrade path. The Sequoia works for me; I did 60 miles on it today. I'm floggin' it. Comfort is important to me since I'm not racing or anything; just riding for fun and fitness, and so I am not certain I'd trade comfort for stiffness or a bit more speed (within reason of course).

This may morph into a thread about how comfortable the Roubaix is or isn't and that's ok. But if someone has ridden some good miles on both I'd sure love to hear a comparison.
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