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Originally Posted by powell View Post
What BIONX electric kit you have installed on that bike?
I cannot imagine front wheel would lift due to power applied ESPECIALLY on such heavy front ebike like yours.
BIONX has quite weak torque to lift front on any MTB bike , it is computerized intelligent system , throttle rump up , no jerking like cheap CHINA analog drives.
Powell, the kit is a Bionx PL350 36V with the 10AH battery pack mounted on a rear rack mount. We biked yesterday from Manhattan to Queens, a 12.7 mile trip and I didn't notice the problem. The bike was not loaded when I first brought it home when I noticed the wobbling. On the trip to Queens I had both my daughters, one is 6 years old and the other is 2.5 years old, in the box, so I estimate thats around 80 lbs in the box. Although, I'm not sure yet, because I rarely got a chance to go over 17 mph for any extended period of time except on the 59th Street bridge coming down. I did hit speeds exceeding 17mph, but I was testing the regenerative brakes and wasn't really looking for the wobbling. I will look for it when I ride back to Manhattan today.

You are right, the acceleration is very gradual and smooth, but still quite satisfying.
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