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Originally Posted by 15rms View Post
I would be interested in knowing what system it is and what kind of range you are getting? Also is level one or two giving you enough boost so you could enjoy a long extended ride?
you can see what system I have by reading the other post in this thread. As for the range of the system, I regularly ride with cargo so it is always lower than the rated range. During yesterday's ride I was carrying around 50lbs of cargo and started with a fully charged battery and ended my ride at around 20 miles with one bar left. If it remains this way, than I will be satisfied.

I don't think level 1 or 2 will be sufficient for my needs since I use the bike to commute between manhattan and the other boros and the route is not very level. The commute averages around 10 miles one way. But this is just me and I am still getting use to the system.
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