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Many people have negative perceptions of bikes. They think that it is an indication of poverty, unless you're riding something fancy-looking. They think that it will be outside of their comfort range, which is usually about 2 degrees centigrade. They think they'll look bad in lycra (I know at least two women who gave me this excuse, but I converted one).

One of the most insidious barriers, I think, are X-mart bikes. They're cheap, and no one assists the owners getting them properly configured. The new owners don't know the proper seat height, that the stem can be adjusted or swapped, or that perhaps a larger frame would be more comfortable for their 6'3" body. I'm the kind of guy who researches, lurks in forums, and tries to get the best he possibly can, whereas most people don't know where to begin, and rather than going to an LBS, which is more expensive, they go to Walmart and buy what looks flashy, but doesn't necessarily fit.

Later, they complain that their bike with the overly-cushy too-low gel saddle is uncomfortable and hurts their butt, they quit, and the bike rusts away in the garage.
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