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Sound like you need either very wide bars, or looking at the bars going through the front wheel when folded. I have thought about reducing the front wheel spoke count for this.

At 6'5 you might want to look at an telescopic seat post like I have.

Else consider the dark side!!

You could consider a fudges brompton offering with time trial bars. About 1800+

They do a bike with an 11 afline hub matched to a brifter that needs no qr stem due to wide bars 45 cms+, (seem to remember from my brompton mod),

It fold as compactly as standard.

On the mezzo ....
You may need to either consider a qr stem, cpq solution seems quick and easy.
My black bike does not have a qr stem. Compact Bullbars adds around 3 inches to the fold width. It does make a difference when the space is at a priemum, but a comprimise I am happy with due to the fact it rides so well, and does not add to folding time.

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