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Originally Posted by shokhead
Gee,it seems like a bike at home to jump on and ride would be easier then getting in the car,driving to the class,doing what you do before getting on the bike,stopping,doing what you do before you go outside,get into your car and drive home but maybe i'm missing something and most of us have been there with all that stuff and more but somehow fit in cycling.
The gym I belong to is a half mile from the office, the bike --which is at home-- is 11 miles away from the office. I bring a backpack with me, and stop at the gym on my way home. How is that difficult?

In the end, it's about getting exercise. That there are people that think less of others because they don't participate in the same sport is, well, ignorant. --Whether it be cycling, weightlifting, yoga, running, or whatever. Anyhoo....
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