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Originally Posted by Art Gibs View Post
My SRAM Red shifter (last generation) for my rear derailleur isn't working. What's happening is that when I try to shift to a lower gear, the cable pulls, by rear derailleur shifts, but when I release the shift paddle, the cable let's out again and the rear derailleur goes back to the original gear I started in. If I push the shift paddle and HOLD it there, the cable will stay pulled and the rear derailleur will stay in that lower gear. But as soon as I let go, it shifts back to its original position. So now my RD is stuck in the smallest cog.

Is this a fixable problem? I'd like to avoid buying a new shifter if at all possible. Thanks so much.
If the ebay seller is an actual SRAM dealer, and you have proof of purchase info, your local shop should be able to get it warrantied. SRAM is great w/ this.
As for grease in the shifter, there really isn't any in the area that is likely causing your problem. Compared to Shimano shifters, there is barely any grease in a SRAM shifter at all.

And "let's" is the contraction of "let us", as in "let us try to help you get your shifter fixed because it lets the cable out when it shouldn't"
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