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Airplane travel with a folding bike

Hi all. New to the forum. As I sit in Maine on vacation, enjoying my coffee and view of Bass Harbor bay, beautiful of course. Well I have the same issue as always, I MISS MY BIKE! Every vacation and traveling for work I always end up trying to rent a bike, sometimes I do usually not, cause not able to find a rental place, or just plain expensive, last bike I rented was more then our rental car!!!! Anyway I have been thinking about a folding bike for years, but now getting serious. Lots of questions though. Small wheel or bigger? Potential for some off road, my main riding is off road but priorty is just a bike for travel and exploration on vacation and exercise of course. I know you get what you pay for but right now I would take anything to get around!!! Desperate, one just cannot live without a bike!! Ok back to my questions. Obviously my first concern is getting it on a plane. Would need it to come with a suitcase. Maybe that will make me decision on large or small wheels. Again I know cheap ones are probably junk but like I said junk can be better then nothing, maybe!! Used? I guess for first one I don't want to spend a ton, maybe 3-$400. I used to jog more to explore my area but now I run less and less, most of my exercise comes from my bike and cross training at gym. No gym on a lot of vacations!! Again a bike is required!! Thanks for any help.
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