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Originally Posted by dpicare26 View Post
I did the research awhile ago so I would be surprised if I've got it wrong. I think I was recall him winning the Altoona horseshoe curve race in mid 70's..

Here's this: sorry, no source at the moment!

There were 2nd and 3rd place women finishers in 1987-88, but there are no records that exist both in the Altoona Library or in the Offical Toona Archives. The print media of that time, didn't reveal who they might be. Sarah Costanzo and Kathy Steel were both members of the Altoona Bicycle Club, but there was no official team. Both women still ride and live in the Altoona area today.
Kathy Steel is the widow of Ken Steel, a local legendary recreational cyclist who won the first organized unsanctioned bike race in Altoona, the 1975 Horseshoe Curve Bicycle Race. He died in January 1987, working as a firefighter, when a building collapsed on him. Ken Steel was a guy who thought 150 miles was just a nice Saturday ride. When he was discharged from the Army, he cycled back home to Altoona from San Francisco rather than buy a bus ticket. When his seat broke 60 miles from home, he pedaled standing up rather than phone for a ride. Ken always chose the most mountainous route he could find riding in the Altoona area, which provides no shortage of mountainous terrain.
Ken just slightly pre-dates my start of cycling. I started in 88 and was hooked after watching the Smith's Hot dog Criterium in Erie, Pa. But at the Altoona bike club, Ken's name was a regular mention. The only other name that was mentioned for ultra endurance riding was Dan Chew! lol. And yea, Altoona has some great hills to ride. It's the deep valleys with the abrupt climbs. I love long climbs! But i just don't have the animalistic climbing spirit i once did...but that was 20 years ago!
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