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so first off, welcome to BF.

This thread is pretty old, you have resurrected a zombie.

I went to the trek page and compared a 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 all fx's

the only difference between the 7.2 and 7.3 other than price is the fork. the frame, wheels, and components are the same. the 7.2 uses a steel fork which will definitely be heavier than the aluminum one on the 7.3 but will probably provide a slightly nicer ride, not so jarring.

the 7.4, at $250 more than the 7.2 uses a carbon fork and has some nicer components. This will be the lightest of the 3. the carbon fork will also provide the nicest feel. is %50 extra money worth it? probably not. will you notice a huge weight difference between the 2 and 4? not really.

if you are planning on riding on pavement only I would buy a proper road bike w/skinnier tires and better gearing.

if you need a road/offroad bike all of them will be heavy comparably.

if I were to spend approx $800 i would look at the cannondale quick $740

or bikes direct

road bikes from BD
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