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Hi there Fellas
Firstly let me apologise for the randomness of this post and the lack of 'FACT' within it but here goes,
I believe that I am purchasing a MEZZO 2008 D9, I say believe as I don't know the exact model yet as it belongs to a friend and hopefully pick it up in the next week.
again random....

I like the mods I have seen on this board but I am a complete amateur! I don't understand half the stuff posted here but I am schooling myself....
The main first step for me is the bars
bhkyte I like the bars, cpg I love the look but I have a set of:

'Easton Delta Force' Ergo bars and

Oval Brake Levers
I would love to use these, but I don't even know if they will fit and then

There is gears, I am looking for a gear system that would be suitable and compatible....

Guys.... I know its allot to ask but any help would be appreciated
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