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Originally Posted by ccunlif1 View Post
Hi there Fellas
Firstly let me apologise for the randomness of this post and the lack of 'FACT' within it but here goes,
I believe that I am purchasing a MEZZO 2008 D9, I say believe as I don't know the exact model yet as it belongs to a friend and hopefully pick it up in the next week.
again random....

I like the mods I have seen on this board but I am a complete amateur! I don't understand half the stuff posted here but I am schooling myself....
The main first step for me is the bars
bhkyte I like the bars, cpg I love the look but I have a set of:

'Easton Delta Force' Ergo bars and

Oval Brake Levers
I would love to use these, but I don't even know if they will fit and then

There is gears, I am looking for a gear system that would be suitable and compatible....

Guys.... I know its allot to ask but any help would be appreciated
Hi. We don't know what we are talking about most of the time either!!!

Re bars. Nice, but oversized you need 25.4. You would have to change the stem also to fit these bars. I don't mean the whole folding stem just the section that has the handlebar clamp that is clamped in to the upright stem section you will understand what I mean when you have the bike.

Re levers, good taste again! I prefer brifters ( us term for road race sti levers). Then you don't need a separate lever. I also prefer to be able to use the hoods. If they fit the bars I see no problem.

If you use the bars you will either have a slightly larger fold like my black bike, or need to fit a quick release on your stem to get the bike to fold compactly.

If I was using carbon bars I would want to fit a shimano cespro hub to keep the weight down and up gear the bike using a 9 tooth top gear. I have heard missed messages whether the cespro fits due to chain clearance. I have a cespro hub and cassette I will check sometime.

All the best.
Its much faster with slick kojack tyres also if you go down the fast mezzo route. Is there another route??

CQP I have my eye on a pannier load hauling mezzo. This idea may be simple for a change. Ie buy a pannier. Lol

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