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Hi ccunlif1. Agree with everything bhkyte said.
As for gears, ride the bike first and see what you think, depending on the riding you do you might find it slightly under geared. Sram dual drive hub is fantastic but you could also consider an 8 or 11 speed internal gear hub, this will be the easyest option if the bike turns out to be an I4. My bike was an I4 and I went down the dual drive route but it meant I had to buy more its and do more work to get the bits to fit the bike. If you are a bit handy with metal working a front derailer and double or triple chain ring might work, I would like to try that my self if I get a second Mezzo.

Hmm panniers that's a good idea. The commuter bag is great but it is heavy. Are you thinking of any particular type of pannier? I think it would be quite easy to fit longer legs to the Mezzo rack so large panniers could be used without heel strike. The folded bike would be taller. I have a QR seat mounted rack that I use with my road bike and is good for 10kg loads but would this cause seat clamp failure?
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