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Originally Posted by WildCarder View Post
Ok, I'm going to pile on the FX questions. I have the 2013 7.4 and have been enjoying it for 20m wake ups just fine. Bust as the breezes build I feel like a giant sail (6'3" 222) slowing myself down. So as I see it, I have two options: swap out and get a CrossRip (wanted that and have had remorse for months) or swap the flat bar for CrossRip bar on the 7.4 FX. IF we assume selling the FX and buying CrossRip = outfitting FX with the CrossRip handle bars (brakes, shifters, etc): what would you do?
I also have 7.4 and ride it a lot. Like you when rding again the wind I feel like a giant sail but, it refuse to not ride when it is windy (I live in Kansas) and I think I have gained significant leg strength over the summer. So, my solution is n + 1, I will pickup my new road bike on Tuesday.

I plan on riding my 7.4 on gravel, MUPs and shorter rides during the week.
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