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Re adapting 25.4 to 31 oversized stems and bars.

Two approaches to this.

Perhaps your trying to find a ingenious solution to a problem that should never have existed!? just use a 25.4 bar?!?

Or maybe adapting to oversized gives you a broader and better choice of bars and if you are going to do something to get a quick release stem to get a compact fold you might as well make this upgrade?

You might not like the bike you ride it, have you got it yet!?

I wonder about getting a T shaped stem made up. Ie made from welding a 25.4 upright to a 31 oversized tube. Then getting a stem extender in oversized and fitting quick release catchers. This would be lighter than have two stems this option would also give extra 4 inches extra reach ,be very secure, give a compact fold. Just need a friend who can weld?

Personally in my experience of doing four bullbar folder mods I tend to feel you need to get bars that compliment a compact fold, not try to fit bars that I would like. You might be lucky and these bars fold really well, I don't know. I don't tend to comprimise on my preference for road I was able to fit very forward reaching bullbars and a stem extender on my brompton without effecting the folld size at all. My gold bike will fold as compact as a standar mezzo. In combination with the stem extender. It has a simular postion to the brommie desipte my use of bar ends rather than bulllbars.

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