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I, too, had reservations about the "no cutout" until I found this one. Which is a cut-up Brooks. I love it, though because of flex from the cuts I don't know if it'll ever get the "Dimples". The best seat I've ever ridden in 30 years. Best, john

Originally Posted by Redrom
Hate to interrupt the UK discussion, but I wanted to toss out another Brooks question.

It seems the conventional wisdom these days is to have the cut-away. Brooks does not. In all the reading I've done, I haven't seen this addressed. I know the cut-away makes a difference on my seat. Maybe someone would be willing to wax on this.

I have a feeling after my two 30 mile rides this weekend at the Virginia Heartland ride, I'll be convinced to get a Brooks, and this is my last reservation. Thanks for all the great opinions.

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