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Originally Posted by jet sanchEz View Post
Are all Lotus bikes made in Japan?
The majority of the popular Lotus models were made in Japan by Tsunoda (early 1980s), Yamaguchi, Maruishi (later 1980s) and possibly others.

Lotus contracted with Pacific Cycles (not to be confused with Pacific Cycle) in Taiwan starting about 1982 to build most (but not all) of their entry-level bicycles. Those Taiwanese models included the Elite, Elan, Prestige, Sprint, some versions of the Special and America, a few MTB-style bikes and some unusual models like the Lady D and Susie Q women's bikes.

Early versions of the Taiwanese bikes were marketed under the "Tyro Series" for 1983 (Tyro means beginner or novice), but that terminology was only used for one year. To be fair, Lotus did advertise these bikes as being inexpensive.

Generally, the quality of the Taiwanese bikes isn't that of the Japanese models, some Taiwanese bikes are better built than others and quite variable even within the same model/year.

In my opinion, there are too many great entry-level Japanese Lotus bikes (Tsunoda America, Grand Prix, Challenger, Excelle, etc) to bother with the Taiwanese models unless they are either inexpensive or in mint condition.

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