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Originally Posted by dsprehe89 View Post
Thanks for the info on the Surly hubs. I sure wouldn't have expected that. I would prefer to get a SS hub though, so that the rear wheel will be symmetrically dished to add strength.

As far as how strong of rims I need, as I said, I weigh 270#s and am extremely rough on rims, so I personally feel that I should just get as strong as possible and it is only $15 more for the 729 compared to the 721. I'm not that worried about weight, because I feel that I would be better off removing #'s from myself as opposed to removing grams off my bike. Also, my current rear is a Sun Rhyno Lite laced to a Deore 32H and I have to true it after almost every ride, so unless going from 32H to 36H makes a much bigger difference than I am expecting, I am probably gonna go with the Mavic 729 for rear, and 719 for front.

Which would you say is stronger between the EX729, and the MTX 33? If the MTX 33 is similar strength, they are half the price of the EX729 and I could go with them to save quite a bit of costs.

Also, you said you built a DMR Revolver wheel, would you recommend the DMR hub?
That's because mavic is a bit in their own fantasy world price wise. How are you sure that SS is for you? If you go with the XT hub, you can still go SS and in the case you don't like it, you still have the ability to go back to geared without having to get another wheel plus the dish isn't that big of a deal and you can run the gearing of your choice instead of being limited in the cog size to freehub threading. Trying to save you money here is all. Plus the rincon is a vertical dropout, so you don't really need the bolt on hub, just get a locking skewer for the rear hub.

I still think you're better off with the Mavic EX721 or Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite front and rear in 36 hole with the XT hub, you don't need the extra rotational weight that the MTX33 and EX729 have.

The dmr revolver hub is a hub, it does it's job, the one I went with is 32 hole 3 cross, standard threading and is laced to Sun Rhyno Lite, I'm having zero issues with keeping it true and I beat the snot out of it every day.
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