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Originally Posted by lubes17319 View Post
I'm a lightweight, at a mere 240# & have ridden 95% SS since 2001.

Hubs I've used:
Surly SS New Disc & flip-flop: I've abused 2 pair since 2006, and have only kept them in adjustment in that time. Most durable hubs I've ever had.
XT: garbage (for my brother, who is 260# & I), together we've trashed many over the past 25 yrs, never make it past 18 months. Mine are 36h, but don't think that hole count makes as much a difference as spokes, rim & quality of build.
DMR: ?? I've looked into those for my next 'budget' build. I have a Dimension (which is probably of similar level) up front on 1 bike & has worked great for 2yrs now (but being on the front, it should last forever.
Bontrager SS: shredded the internals after about a year.
Azonic Recoil: blew out pawls after 1 yr
Surly SS Disc: 6 sets of bearings in a 1 year period for the front. 10 sets of bearings in a 1 year period with the rear. Utter garbage design with the threaded on shoulders with a sealed setup.

XT: The last XT hub I used lasted 6 years for me, with routine maintenance.
Appreciate the old bikes more than the new.
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