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Originally Posted by barolo View Post
No, I have not tried that route - I'm intrigued to hear that it is popular, and feel that I should give it a try if that is the case. However I can't quite figure it out, looking on Google maps. How do I get to Maycrest? Viking to Cambie, Cambie to No 6, No 6 to Maycrest? Or am I missing some neat little back way of avoiding No 6?

I really, really dislike No. 6. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like all the worst drivers just hang out on No. 6, waiting to either obliviously or maliciously do me harm. I prefer my nasty 99-offramp on Westminster to dealing with No 6 :-P
You can go south on Viking right through the "dead end" and cut through one of the many openings in the trees, through a parking lot, and on to Maycrest. Lots of people do this and even take the sidewalk on 6 under the 91 overpass; nobody cares.

I'm just on the other side of the 91 from you. I used to avoid 6 as well but eventually got used to it. If you're on the road, be assertive and don't hug the curb. The drivers aren't really that bad.
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