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Changing from bar end shifters to brifters

Hi there.. the 2013 Kona Sutra comes stock with bar end shifters and I would like to retrofit the bike with brifters (brakes with integrated shifters). In order to be able to put a handlebar bag on the bike (it is a touring bike after all), the brifters need to be the type that have both the gear and brake cables run along the handlebar and go under the handlebar tape vs. the ones that have the gear cables that come directly perpendicular out of the brake hoods.

The bike comes with the following:
Front gears: Shimano Deore triple crank and Shimano Deore derailleur
Back gears: Shimano Deore 9 speed and Shimano LX Trekking derailleur
Brakes (both front and back): Hayes CX5, V6 160mm Rotor

QUESTION: Which model Shimano brifters are compatible? Remember, the front is a triple and the back is 9speed, and it has disc brakes, not V-brakes, and I want both gear and brake cables under the handlebar tape.

I'm a DIY'er, and so far I've gotten conflicting answers when I've asked bike tech's.. hoping there's a Shimano expert out there with a definitive answer! (if only Shimano had a tech support line for us DIY'ers!)

PS. Lets please not debate bar end shifters vs. brifters on touring bikes, there are tons of forums on that already
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