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Originally Posted by dabac View Post
Why not go with Campy and a Jtek Shiftmate? The fine indexing on several Campy models will play nice with just about any front derailer, and the shiftmate will make the rear shifting pretty much plug n play.
+1 this, big time. IME Campy's front shifting is the duck's guts for a triple. You can use just about any FD you want.

Also, aside from looking better than any Shimano brifter, the rear one uses a significantly longer cable pull which is far more reliable, and the Shiftmate removes some friction from the RD loop to boot.

The only downsides really are the fact it's much harder to simultaneously brake and downshift one-handed without STI's swinging brake lever (but still doable), and the minor hassle a Shiftmate adds to installing the cable. Oh, and once in a blue moon your indexing will get all messed up because the cable has come out of the groove in the pulley, but it's a freak occurrence - I only mention it because it might otherwise take you a while to realise the problem if it happens.

TL/DR - Shimergo FTW on a triple.

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