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Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets View Post
I wish I had an estimated measure of "well off the road" but...
Originally Posted by zvez View Post
...and see a woman on a horse she's off the road on the right side by ten to twenty feet, she's a hundred feet away facing me....
10-20 feet plus the width of a lane seems to measure up for my everyday uses, but I don't encounter many horses. When you're greeting this horse and rider from a guesstimated 15-30 feet are you to shout so that they can actually hear you.. or would that also serve to spook the horse? Pleading total ignorance here.... From such a distance it, and knowing where we're both heading, it would never occur to announce anything to anyone that isn't even on the road. Perhaps I'd wave, but only if there were no other cyclists around to think I might be waving at them... cuz I just don't do that.
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