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Originally Posted by apom View Post
ack, ok, not sure why this is so hard.... there seems to be stuff all for 1 1/4" headsets
It's an attitude thing.
Larger diameter headsets are seen as a performance enchancer, while more rise is seen as a comfort enchancer. These two are seen as mutually exclusive. If you can ride hard enough to need the wider headset, you shouldn't need an upright, casual riding position. You might as well ask for a light weight beach cruiser with aero spokes.
You'll have to wait until 1 1/4" technology has trickled down into casual bikes, at which point the amount of available accessories will increase.

A 1 1/4" fork is likely to have an 1 1/8" inner diameter so what should work is if you can find a 1 1/4" to 1 1/8" shim. That'll let you use an 1 1/8" quill-type steerer tube extender.

But those seem rare.

I did find this chap though:

If you fit that one inside your current steerer tube, then fit this one : inside that one, you should then be free to fit whatever 1 1/8" stuff you choose.

Or buy this guy: and an extra 25.4-28.6 mm shim and you're again free to use any 1 1/8" item.

Do note that I haven't tried this myself, and piling part on part like this isn't generally done or entirely approved. Consider yourself warned.
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