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Originally Posted by foodger View Post
I found a bike in the dumpster that has lots of little things wrong but seems like it can all be fixed. The rear derailleur, however, is broken. Its b screw hanger is snapped off. It may also be bent and stuff because the chain does some wierd stuff when it runs through the rd.

the bike has a complete campy mirage 8 speed group. Shifters work great. I dont want to spend much to get the bike working but i think it needs a new mech. i doubt ill find the same derailleur to replace it. what are my options? i know compatibility is very tricky and dont want to get the wrong thing.

thanks in advance!
You can use an 8 or 9 speed Campagnolo derailleur (pre-2000 with conventional B-tension adjustment, or post with the tension screw on the lower pivot - 8 speed cogs are far enough apart that 8 speed shifters are officially compatible with both) of appropriate cage length but should pair the 9 speed derailleur with a narrower 9 speed chain

Ribble sells new Xenon derailleurs for $35 + shipping (note that you don't pay VAT when you don't live in Europe):


and you should be able to get a used one in a more period correct silver color for less on E-bay.
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